Monday, November 2, 2009

Is this allowed in my room?

Have you ever asked yourself “I wonder if this 8” fish fillet knife, my kerosene fuel for my cook stove, and this midevil sword is allowed in my residence hall room?” The the obvious answer is NO. Other items are not as obvious. See below for items that are prohibitted in the the residence halls.

Prohibited items include:
· Candles,inscense, oil lamps, halogen lamps and multiheded lamps
· Hazardous materials (flamable liquids etc.)
· Decorations that impede door access or more than 50% of door covered
· Lofts of questionable construction
· Posters or tapestries less than 18 inches from ceiling, on ceiling or covering lights/outlets
· Pets other than fish
· Appliances including but not limited to: Coffee makers, foreman grills, rice cookers, hot pots, space heaters, toasters (All appliances for kitchens have to be purchased by the hall and kept for common use. Personal appliacnces such as these are not permitted)
· Weapons- Guns (including BB, airsoft, paintball,) , Swords (Of any kind), Knives with blades longer than 4 inches and that are not swiss army type (ie switch blades or hunting knives) OR for cooking purposes.
· Drugs or drug paraphernalia
· Alcohol or alcohol containers (if under 21)

Smoke detectors and window screens are there for your safety and the safety of our community! At no point should you be disabling detectors or removing screens from windows. Another fire safety issues is outlets that are overloaded with too many things. Use power strips with surge protectors , make sure refridgertors are plugged directly into the wall and that power strips and extention cords are not plugged into each other.

Questions? Please ask your RA.

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