Monday, November 9, 2009

New floor Kudos system

New Floor Kudos- As decided upon by the RA staff
*In order for floors to receive floor kudos things done on the floor must hit one of the 4 categories. If they hit all four then they receive points for all, if they only hit one category then they receive points for that one category. The overall attitude category is an automatic 5 pts because it includes spirit, sportsmanship, and enthusiasm. For Committee choice Megan and Sheriah decide what they are giving points to and how many points you get. Depending on the programs done one or more floors may receive points per week.

· Community Service: 25 pts
· Building Community: 25pts
· Personal/Intellectual: 25 pts
· Overall Attitude: 5pts
· Committee Choice

The new system was created to challenge floors to go beyond movie watching and things done on the floor. We encouarge residents to think big, look beyond the floors and work to make an impact on the greater Syracuse community. We have a fantastic Skyhalls community of caring and motivated students who can make a HUGE impact.

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