Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And the Winner is...

1st place team: See your RA for awarding of the trophy and to decide what you floor wants to do at the beginning of next semester as a reward. 2nd and 3rd place teams will recieve recognition from hall Sr. Staff at the beginning of next semester.
The last points awarded were outlined below:
The following points (by percentage of residents) were awarded for residents filling out RA feedback forms:

Sky 1.1-58% =58points
Sky 1.2= 36 points
Sky 1.3= 35 points
Sky 2.1= 43 points
Sky 2.2= 62 points
Sky 2.3= 46 points
Sky 3.1= 58points
Sky 3.2= 60 points
Sky 3.3= 55 points

The following points were awarded for indivduals donating money to the Orange Angels program: (5 points per person on the floor who donated)

Sky 1.1=55
Sky 1.2= 35
Sky 2.1= 65
Sky 2.2= 50
Sky 2.3= 60
Sky 3.1= 185
Sky 3.3= 30

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