Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Holiday Heros

Skyhall residents- Want to be a Holiday hero?? Well here is your chance. Each year, during the holiday season, the Residence Hall Association for SU/ESF encourages ESF and SU students to “adopt” local low-income children that would otherwise receive nothing. This year the Skyhalls have been challenged to gather 56 toys for children ages 5-11. As a community let’s work to bring joy to these 56 children this season.

How can you help??
1) Go to the Skyhall main desk and ask for an envelope. Put your name (First and last) and any size monetary donation ($1 and over please) into the envelope.
2) Bring a toy valued at approximately $10-12 to the Skyhall main desk and fill out an envelope with your name (First and Last) and a brief description of the toy. If you would like to “go in on a toy together” just write all names on the envelope. Please do not purchase items valued greater than $12.

Each person who gives a monetary or toy donation will earn 5 COLOR WAR points for their floor. After the toys are gathered they will be wrapped and then donated to the children.

As a community, let’s work together this holiday season to demonstrate the power of giving!

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