Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Drum roll please...

The Seek & Find pictures are IN. It was very, very close race but the winners are....

1st place -SKY 3.2 for finding all 20 locations and clearly photographing them- 50 points

2nd place-SKY 2.3 for identifying 18 of 20 locations correctly and being 1 0f 2 flrs to find Crouse castle home of VPA (Donovan Mc Nabb's college). - 25 points


SKY 3.1 for identifying 18of 20 locations and being 1 of 2 flrs to find the Jabbawakee Cafe.- 25 points

3rd Place SKY 2.2- for identifying 18 of 20 locations- 10 points

Below are the clues and their answers:

SU Clues:
1.) Go deep down where the sun won't shine and some of America's Best Dance Crew hangs out there (Jabawakee Cafe) Pictures too dark to scan. 3.2 and 3.1 where the only two floors to successfully locate this cafe located next to the Schine underground.

2.) Most freshman walk up these steps to find that the door they want to go in, is not a door at all. Take your picture here (Steps of Carnegie library) 3.) Joe Biden studied at this building (College of Law)4.) Before Otto showed up, this guy represented Syracuse University in sports. He left in 1978 and all that is left is his statue. (Saltine Warrior) 5.) In the movie "The Express", this statue was in the movie but not here in 1959 (Ernie Davis statue) 6.) In the 1960's, higher education was soaring high with the "birds" and this building was erected. (Bird Library) 7.) Careful who you kiss on the Hall of Languages west lawn, you may find your soul mate there (Kissing Bench) 8.) In 2008, over 5 million dollars was spent to complete this brand new building where you get to dunk your teachers in the spring (Life Science Complex) 9.) This is the second largest academic unit at Syracuse University, and Donovan Mcnabb was in the college. You end up spending most of your class time on the Connective Corridor. Take your picture at the main campus building(Visual Performing Arts College-Crouse castle) 10.) When looking from afar this place looks like a giant marshmallow filled with cold air conditioning; however it's really just a loud house (The Dome)ESF Campus Clues:
1.) Find the man that wrote the Gettysburg Address reading a book. (Lincoln Statue) 2.) Find the building named after a celestial body (Moon Library) 3.) Find something from Sherwood Forest (Oak tree with Robin Hood forest sign in front)4.) Find a new type of ecological roof that is helping us "Go Green" (Green roof or photovoltaic roof signs) 5.) Find panels that help us harness the power of the sun (picture of solar panels on building) 6.) Find the pillared building with a clock (Marshall hall) 7.) Find trees that have been genetically altered (Trees outside of Moon Library)8.) Find a building where paper is made (Walters hall) 9.) Find a 'rain garden' (rain garden signs) 10.) Find the original building that made up SUNY-ESF (Bray Hall)
Your RA's have your pictures. They were GREAT!!!! So creative. Please feel free to post them on your doors or floor bulletin boards.

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