Monday, September 14, 2009

LC World Tour, Banner Competition & Kudos

CONGRATULATIONS SUNY-ESF for being one of three the overall LC World tour banner competition winners. You have won a pizza party for the entire LC. Since our Transfer friends are part of our community they too will get pizza during the celebration. The date of the pizza extravaganza is to be determined. WE will let you know!

NOW FOR COLOR WARS... Drum roll please... Oh! Wait! You've probably already heard...

Each floor gets 20 points for their fantastic efforts with their floor banner but the COLOR WAR winners get extra: 1st place (Sky 3.1) 30 points, 2nd place (Sky 2.3) 20 points, 3rd place (Sky 3.3) 10 points.

KUDOS: Like we advertised your RA's are relaying the awesome things YOU are doing on your floors. We are all very impressed with your initiative and drive. Below, are your good doings and the points you have earned.

This Weeks winners are:

Sky 2.1- Gets the "Quirky, Unique and Creative"award for their weekly black tie dinners where everyone gets gussied up in their formal wear and heads to Le Goldstein for some gourmet eats. Also an unidentified sky 2.1 resident (we think she was from sky 2.1) saw a bulletin board on Sky 2.1 with a flapping boarder and fixed it herself! Great job. (10 points)

Sky 1.3-Gets the "Happy Birthday" award for the double layer cake that was made for a fellow floormate. Yummm! (5 points)

Sky 1.1- Is awarded the "Stay Limber" award for the well attended Pilates classes that take place in the lounge! Watch out! They must be training for future events. (5 points)

Sky 2.2- is awarded the "Let's play" award for the highly entertaining and competitive ping pong tournament that takes place in the lounge! (5 points)

Sky 2.3 is awarded the "Get Smart" award for the 10 minute Chinese language lessons and the guitar lessons that residents are providing for each other. Great job supporting the arts and global communication! (5 points)

But I did something great too!! Why was mine not mentioned?-Well for one thing if your RA does not know they will not be able to realy what you have done. Invite them to participate or let them know what happened!

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