Thursday, September 24, 2009

Seek and Find and FLOOR KUDOS (9/21) Point totals

1.1- 20 points for most jumbo tron appearances, the creation of a creative contraceptive dispenser, and the yellow limo choir concert post retreat. 30 points for Amy, Kelly, Danielle and Collene for their positive attitudes during the flood ordeal. 10 points for Michelle for hosting a flood refugee (Note: Beginning NOW no points will be awarded to ANY floor for emergencies such as this. As a floor, work to avoid emergencies from occurring in the first place!) – total points 60

1.2- 10 points for hosting a 1.1 flood refugee, 5 points for participation in yellow limo choir concert post retreat. Total 15 points

1.3- 12 points for moving assistance provided by floor mates

2.1-20 points for awesome study sessions and rock band concerts. Also 10 points just because you have no lounge of your own to hang out in! total- 30points

2.2-30 points for floor team work and a trip downtown to repair a perforated tire tube, the survival of a bike vs. automobile collision (Wear a helmet next time!), and their compassionate motion picture tribute to Patrick Swayze!

2.3- 25 points for the BYOF (Bring your own Food) potluck program!

3.1- Oh! Where to start! First, thank you for the masterpiece of literary prose. It was great to hear everything your floor has done since the beginning of the semester. Your floor is a valued part of the Skyhalls community. Keep up the energy and excitement. For this week: 2 points for the list of activities in writing, 5 points for Jeff who dressed and talked like a pirate for an entire day, 5 points for your floor hockey team (GO PURPLE HAZE!), 5 points for tea party bio study session and other study session, 5 points for your zoo trip, and 10 points for hosting a flood refugee. REMEMBER: When having fun as a floor please abide by fire regulations. Keep the lights ON and only have a safe number of people in one room! Total 32points

3.2-20 points for representing all the Skyhalls at the ‘Cuse Olympics program and cleaning up OL homemade apple sauce mess. 10 points for hosting a 1.1 flood refugee. Total 30 points

3.3- 15 points for their floor hang out sessions in the lounge and for the use of clothes lines to dry tie-dye shirts.

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