Monday, September 14, 2009

Upcoming color war opportunities

Upcoming Color Wars Opportunities are:

-What is Green Link?

A career related presentation about your future after ESF! Thur 9/17 7p sky 1.1, Thur 9/24 7p Sky 2.2, Thur 10/1 7pm Sky 3.2. You may go to any ONE of these sessions and SIGN IN to get points for your floor. (1 point per participant ESF Students only)

Amazing Race Seek and Find-

Date: Monday September 21st 2:30 to 5:30
Meet on the Grassy Knoll for team check in. Team members will be counted so we know how many to expect in each picture.
Celebration dinner at Goldstein following

Form a team: 25 (a team is 5-38 people)
1st place: 100
2nd: 50
3rd: 25
Spirit: 20 (representation of color, working as a team, creativity in pictures)
Bonus (find the 4 earth elements-all must be in the same picture): 20
Return to campus by 5:30pm: 10
Best dressed: 20
Attend the dinner afterwards: 2 points per attendee

ESF location clues and SU location clues will be given the day of the event:

Start: 2:30 pm
Go to as many places as you can but you must be back by 5:30pm at the Grassy Knoll
Celebration dinner at Goldstein afterwards
All team members but the one taking the picture need to be in EVERY picture to count! No splitting up!
Since pictures need to be developed and analyzed to determine winner, points will be announced on Blog by Thurs October 1st.
Do not break university (ESF or SU) policies in pictures or in pursuit of pictures. This could result in disqualification.
1st team back is not necessarily the winner, pictures must reflect the clues to win.

Study Skills

Tuesday September 22nd 7-8pm Sky 3.2 lounge

Presented by Scott Blair

2 points per participant (transfers welcome)

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