Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The War Begins.

The Color War commences this Friday September 11th 5:30pm on the SU quad during the LC world tour. Sport your floor color and attend the world tour. If you did not sign up for a ticket. Do not fret. The tickets were for food only. No ticket? Attend anyway to represent your floor and have fun with the music, inflatables, and games. Your RD and ARD will be awarding points for the floor(s) that creates the best portion of the overall SUNY-ESF& SU banner. Also points will be awarded to floors for attendance and color representation.

Throughout this week and next, floors will have the opportunity to tie-dye shirts that correspond with their floor color. Dye shirts and have plenty of attire of your floor color!

Other COLOR WAR events include:

Vote for Community Council Representatives- Ballots for voting will be placed in your mailbox soon. Write your building and flr number and the person you are voting for! Floors will get points that equal that precentage of residents who vote. For example if a floor gets 55% of the floor to vote your floor gets 55 color war points.

Floor Kudos- Do great things on or with your floor- Study together, do random acts of kindness for others, appreciate your housekeeper etc. Each week your RA's will share the good you have done for the skyhalls community at staff meeting and your RD and ARD will pick KUDO winners. There can be one or more winners each week. Points will be given and your floor KUDO will be featured on the blog!
Amazing Race-Monday September 21st 3pm- Details and more information to come at floor meetings!

Field day activities and games- Week of September 27th-Oct 3rd- More information to come!

Volleyball tournament- Throughout week of Oct 4th-Oct10th - More information to come!

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