Tuesday, September 29, 2009

KUDOS 9/28

This weeks floor kudos winner (receiving top points) receives just that, Kudos bars for the entire floor!

This week's winner is:

Sky 2.3-The residents of sky 2.3 have taken on a momentous task . Up to a dozen residents on this floor embarked on a week long vegan cleanse. Those who are already vegan may be asking, "What's the big deal?." The deal is, they are going cold turkey (pun intended), and for former carnivores that's a big lifestyle shift! A big WAY TO GO for Sky 2.3 for trying something new. We are rooting for all of you. So you don't fall off the band wagon, your Kudos bars will be passed out NEXT week. We do not want to be the cause of anyone having to devour the Burger King burger with 8 patties. Along with their vegan fast, the floor had time to plan surprise birthday parties and extricate the stinky communal fridge of all the leftovers that were growing fuzz. 30 points

Other point winners include:

Sky 3.2- This week the residents of 3.2 sported the high fashion of polyethylene. Their trash bag formal wear was impressive. Residents with Y-Chromosomes have been sporting their pink tie-dye and the floor has united for tea and ice cream parties. 20 points

Sky 1.2- Embracing the spirit of sustainability this floor has began their own plastic bag recycling program. Leave a bag, take a bag. Also, in the spirit of democracy, the floor embraced community council floor president elections and held candidate speeches. Great job. 20 points

Sky 1.1- For your trip to Ithaca, attending ESF Soccer games and SU football. Also, your unheralded dedication to prevent dryer fires by nominating lint queens for the floor. 15 points

Sky 1.3-For making healthy choices and deciding to turn in early for the sake of academics and personal wellness. 10 points.

Sky 3.1- 10 points for your communal record of the days in which floor members took their first breaths on earth. Also, there was chatter about a kick ass apple crisp!

Sky 3.3- 10 points for a Monty Python and the Holy Grail viewing night. If anyone ever takes a Moral Philosophy: Environment and Animals class, the scene with the rabbit jumping up to the guys throat makes a great presentation media clip.

Sky 2.1- 10 points for R-E-S-P-E-C-T! and hitting the books in 2.2.

Sky 2.2- 10 points for your apple picking, movie night and providing your fearless leader with the appropriate wavelengths to heat her food.

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